Making quad mesh from polysurface

New to both Rhino and t-splines. I am trying to make a mesh from a polysurface I made in Rhino that I can use in t-splines. From the tutorials t-splines needs quad meshes but when I use nurbs to mesh in Rhino it is full of triangular meshes. Is there a way to make them into quad? Or maybe it would be better to try modeling this in t-splines instead of trying to get the Rhino model to work.

Rhino does make triangles when you mesh a model- You will have a very hard time trying to use that mesh in tsplines-

I’d recommend modeling natively in tsplines if an organic model is your goal-

this is a screen shot of the mesh.

I am starting to think you are right. I am thinking I could lock this layer and use it as an image to model it in t-splines.

Yep, especially with trimmed edges and joined edges, there is no way, currently, to force quad meshing. Single, unjoined, untrimmed surfaces can make quads.


yep that has zero chance of being useful in tsplines-

model as two separate tsplines objects and then convert to nurbs and boolean together-

Outside, could you say what you mean by model two objects? I was thinking of modeling one half and then mirroring it.