Can one maintain subdiv smoothing of imported meshes?

Is there a way to import meshes into Rhino such that their subdivision smoothing is enabled or baked in and converted to a polysurface? Currently, all I can manage is importing faceted meshes from Modo specifically (my mesh modeler of preference).

Thanks for your suggestions!

you can not import subdivision, best would be to export the object from modo having the subdivisions transformed into a finished polygonal object. not that you would need it for this but if you install weaverbird for grasshopper then you have a subdivider there if you want to experiment with it.

anyway this all might be very unpleasant if you want to rebuild it to a polysurface. every polygon will be converted into a surface if you use MeshToNURB. and this might end up in a huge amount of surfaces and using more subdivision will naturally create even more polygons.

if you want to rebuild it to a smooth nurbs surface then you might have to start by showing an image or posting a file. it can be from very fast to pretty difficult depending on the complexity.

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Thanks @RichardZ – upon further thought I realize this is not a good workflow; just as well, best to stay in Rhino for the entirety of this project then!

That said, I will try out WeaverBird sometime for sure. Thanks Richard.

A followup question might be more appropriate on the Modo forum, of how to extract wireframe (or smoothed subdivision mesh edges) as curves that could then be brought into Rhino… I’ll check that as one last ditch.