Mesh terrain that consists of same size faces

I’m trying to make mesh terrain that should consist of same size mesh faces. I can create a mesh but I can’t transform it to new mesh, which should be formed of only quads (or triangles).

Here is the picture of the original mesh (as you can see the faces or not same size).

I downloaded the Weaverbird plugin to Grasshopper and tried “Split mesh into Quads” (wbSplitQuad) -command but the result isn’t what I wanted:

It changes mesh faces but they are still different sizes.

So how can i transform my mesh so that it consist of same size faces?

Here is an example from web.

Mesh_problem.3dm (151.7 KB) (4.4 KB)

Rhino7 WIP Quad Remesh?

Thank you for the answer but this isn’t exactly what i’m looking for!

To be more precise now, I want to transform “normal mesh” to a mesh that is build from triangular faces which are all same size. And I would like to do it in Grasshopper. Even better if I could specify that every triangle face cathetus are 1x1 meters (or something else)

A mesh like in this picture:

I have understood that Weaverbird plugin could do that but I dont know how to get it work because I can’t do it so that all the faces would be similar sizes.

I have been googling but I’m little bit amazed that I couldn’t find any good tutorial about it. I would be glad if someone could help me with this problem or just paste link to a some tutorial.

And the whole idea why I want to do this is to make a clean good-looking terrain mesh as a base for architectural model.

Yeah, not sure this will work. Here is a triangulated mesh of 1 meter, 0.5 meter and 0.25 meter:

Mesh_problem-triangulatedv6.3dm (566.2 KB)

If this is purely for visualization purposes, you could project a rectangular grid on the mesh and use a display mode that renders curves but not mesh wires.

More fun, although I realise these porbably are not what you want. I just could not resist. These are SubDs and smooth at 0.5 of a meter.

And a quick split with material changes:

Mapping creation:

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From the image, it looks like they have just triangulated a quad mesh with all the triangles in the same direction. Just from the perspective I can see.

This would be the same as using Mesh+ “Regular Triangulation” component which only requires a surface.

But for a regular mesh with close to equilateral triangles, you might want to look into plankton.

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Thank you for the anwers!

I downloaded mesh+ and Plankton and it looks like that I’m getting closer the solution.

The “Regular Triangulation” component is exactly what I’m looking for expect that it’s requires surface and I want to do same thing for a mesh.

Here’s picture where is the original mesh (from the first post, still with same problem) and triangulated mesh (made from surface with mesh+).

So I downloaded Plankton but i couldn’t figure out how can i do this “Regular Triangulation” to a mesh (with Plankton or without it)

So what is the solution that I could kind of rebuild the mesh with regular triangulation?

Thanks for the help!

Mesh_problem_v2.3dm (314.5 KB) (7.0 KB)

Reconstruct (32.8 KB)

Take a look at this. But it does not guarantee that all the panels are exactly the same size.