Mesh, removing points with similar z-values

Just a quick questions:

  1. I am trying to reduce mesh size but keep topology as close as possible to original.
    Am I doing it correctly? How to remove point which have very similar Z-values?

  2. How to find points on a boundary of point cloud? So I don’t have long unnecessary triangles. (418.4 KB)


I would get the face boundaries, then cull mesh faces by area or edge length.

This could be one way of eliminating unwanted abnormal ratio of boundary mesh faces. (421.7 KB)

Thank you guys,
How about reducing number of points with similar Z-values so on a more ore less flat areas I don’t have a lot of points?
I have done it with "set difference " component , but I am not sure if it ia the right way to it.

I don’t think such a method will affect on the delaunay mesh algorithm…

Yes, the mesh will look almost the same, but number of point in it (on flat areas) will be smaller.
But it looks like something wrong with cull duplicates ? It works only when slider set to 10?

Ok so I found a way to delete some Z-values which are close to each other. How would I remove same x and y items so I can reconstruct my points ?

There’s no duplicate points in your initial point set. Cull Duplicates will just delete some points within certain distance range(in your case you’ve set to “Cull All” so, it will delete all points within the distance 10)

In my opinion, your initial points are just fine for Delaunay Mesh because you’ll be able to get a qiute decent mesh with evenly distributed mesh cell size. (422.3 KB)

Yes it looks good, I am trying to find a way to reduce number of points in mostly flat area s. Where difference between Z values are in range of 0 to 1m.
So I will have less point and smaller file size when I export it.

Found a way if anyone is interested

I was wrong. You have to use a mesh vector difference to remove flat areas points information.
Now it is working the way I want.

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