Select Curves with same Z value

Hi All,

How does one select all curves that share the same z value? I am trying to model a topography from a set of contours by selecting each elevation and lofting it to the next.

Any help would be appreciated!

To get the z-value you can do a point on curve and deconstruct the point to get the Z. (then asynchronously sort by this value)

Hi Japhy,

Thanks for your reply! Once the curves are sorted by z value, how can I select all curves with the same z value?


another way to do topography is a delaunay mesh, although on this one i’m getting invalid object on bake.

To group by similar elevations you can do this, note that if you have floating numbers (1.00001) you may want to round before creating the set.


rounded to .5


Delaunay worked better once i culled duplicate vertices

the one above is a quad remesh

Oh cool! This is great. Thanks for all your help!

The quadmesh is nice for doing a soft transform, not what you are asking but might be helpful.

soft transform