Delete points that exceed a set quota

Good morning, how can I delete all points that exceed a quota (z factor) set?

Thank you very much

Upload your .gh file.

Delete (42.6 KB)

I’ll look at it, but I assume the problem is, that you are culling out the Z values, and making the list of Z values provided to the “Construct Point” too short. You need to replace the exceeding Z values with a max Z value instead of removing them all together.

pDecon connects to the UnitZ vector determining your max Z height. You will have to increased the slider max. value (20?) to get a value that doesn’t look like just a line.

Delete (63.7 KB)

I would really need to get rid of them, because by flattening them out I then have a number of problems in that I then have to join the points together and I get a straight line

Delete (43.4 KB)

are you searching for the dispatch component ?
use the result of smaller then as dispatch pattern.

hope this helps - kind regards -tom