Mesh | Ray - lists/trees question


I would like to use ‘Mesh | Ray’ intersection component to find all intersections from each point in a tree to each mesh in a tree.

Let’s say i have 4 meshes and 3 points, each point ‘emits’ 10 rays. I want to know how many intersections there are from each point to each mesh.

If I graft the points input and plug said 10 vectors (rays) to vector input i will get 10 rays from each point, but ‘Mesh | Ray’ will output only first intersection (first mesh that is hit). If i graft the mesh input as well - two trees (4 and 3 branches) are uneven - that won’t work as well.

That is probably related to how to organize trees. Preferably - I’d like ‘hit’ output to have 4 branches (matching 4 meshes - obstacles). ‘Hit’ output would then indicate if a given mesh is hit or not (I do not need another branches for each point). That would give a list of 30 items for each branch.

I’d appreciate If you helped me with that one

Care to upload a file which contains the simplest setup that isn’t working for you any more?

Hello David,
Thank you for your reply, file uploaded.
I placed some explenations inside. (16.6 KB)

I forgot to tell - definition is made in rhino 5.

Anyone? (26.7 KB)

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