Grasshopper Mesh|Ray intersection issue

Hi all,
I’m struggeling a bit with the Mesh ray intersection component.

In the example attached below, i want to calculate the intersection between a number of ray’s and some meshes.

I have a collection of multiple meshes (for this example i used cylinders)

  1. for each of these meshes i define 7 planes between the top and bottom of the cylinder
  2. on each of these planes i generate 24 points with the Polar array component located at a certain distance around the origin of these planes
  3. next i construct a set of vectors with these polar points and the corresponding origins
  4. in the last step i want to calculate the intersection between all the vectors that belong to a particular mesh and that mesh itself.

It seem’s i can’t figure out how to structure the data i put into the mesh|ray component in such a way that it calculates the intersections between each mesh and it’s corresponding set of polar points in a correct way. (21.7 KB)

Data structure can be tricky. In this case it seems you need to provide a mesh for each start point. (34.2 KB)

There’s something weird going on with the topmost intersections of the shortest cylinder. I scaled it a few times and now all intersections are found.

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Hi Martin,
Thanks for the fast reply!
This seems to work well!

Thanks for clicking the solution button :slight_smile: