Data Tree issue Mesh|Ray Intersect with multiple meshes and lines


I have an issue where I want to find all intersection points between lines and meshes. I just cannot get it to work with my tree structure of branches with multiple meshes, and branch tree with multiple lines. So either it’s not possible with the component or my understanding of data trees is just not up to par. I attach gh of simplified version of my script. The actual script has 100+ branches each with multiple meshes

The MeshRay component currently only
I tried an alternative method using IsoVist Ray, but although that gives me the intersection points, it also produces some points in mid-air. Hope someone can have a quick look for some advise.
MeshRay (17.4 KB)

I assumed grafting with PathMapper would do the trick, but it doesn’t give all points, and seems to ignore some meshes

MeshRay (21.8 KB)

Wow, never knew you could join physically disconnected Meshes into one entity. I must say the thought actually occurred to me, but I deemed it insane :wink: