Mesh pattern/ segmentation for fabrication

I have a basic sphere mesh now i want to get different pattern on the mesh. So that i can create segmentation and process for fabrication eg like the image’s i uploaded kind of marc fornes style

You can use Ivy plugin

Ivy plugin doesn’t have different types of pattern possibility only one type of pattern it have.

I guess you must take a look at Mesh+.

But mesh+ plugin changes the whole mesh shape i don’t need that only the topology of mesh should be patterned most likely like marc fornes he will stay with geometry shape fixed only the topology have different pattern’s like star,round,strip etc…shape pattern

It seems that there is a segmenation/clustering tool in IVY. I never tested it but it seems a good starting point.
I have done my segmentation tool for mesh but I will keep it for myself. Because it is not so simple to make such tool, you have to take into account the “unrollability” of the mesh, dimension limitation, topology to be able to rivet sheets …


To create our own mesh segmentation tool i need to know C# right.

Yes it will be better to do this type of tool inside a c# or python component.

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Wow, the image above is sick, @laurent_delrieu! Amazing work. :slight_smile:

Are the “coral-like” segments individual meshes that keep their initial topology (e.g. tris), or complex ngon meshes with one face and a number of vertices greater than 4?
Without getting to much into the deepest secrets of your work, do you produce the pattern with diffusion limited aggregation or something similar, since the result differs quite a bit from your previous post?

Here It is cluster of quad mesh that are first convex and after that there is a sort of diffusion applied on each face.

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This also done using your special script right @laurent_delrieu

Truly Amazing. I’m headed to Charlotte in a couple weeks and will check this one out in person.

Yes I use my special script, here with triangular meshes. But this is just a rendering the path is quite difficult to have the real thing. The pattern must be flattenable so I suppress all inner point of the mesh. That is generating deformation so some moves are necessary to lower the tolerances between rivets …

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Whether this Ngon plugin will help in patterning/segmenting the mesh.

This plugin was created by @Petras_Vestartas he can help you better about this.

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There is only one component that does the striping under Graph tab based on Dijkstra algorithm. I did not intend to use it more than using it in this workshop:

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Hello Petras that looked really intersting can you tell us which material you used ?

It was 2 or 3 mm plastic of some sort

Then there is a possibility of making this kind of physical model through ngon plugin also.

I don’t use Ngon, but a 10 minutes search allow me to use the cluster plugin
Here the Kmeans use

You also have a stripper in Kangaroo

You have many tools to do what you want. I think the lack of documentations, examples is the main problem.