Resource needed to learn what is appropriate for STL file

Newbie wondering what would be a good source ( book / online ) to help learn what makes an STL file appropriate for rapid prototyping. I think I have my models meeting criteria,…but I am still getting an error when I save an STL file.
Thank you for any guidance. - Kyle

Hi Kyle - what error? From Rhino or a downstream application?


Hi Pascal,
I am exporting to origin and the error reads " this file is not appropriate for rapid prototyping.

  • Kyle

Hi Kyle - most likely the object is not closed. The first thing to try is to use ShowEdges to see where there are ‘naked’ edges on your object.


Thank you for your help Pascal, I have no naked edges, shared edges, floating hidden points or double anything i can tell. as far as i can tell it is manifold. Funny thing is i put five 3d mesh objects together in a mess without trimming them and it saved as an STL file without the error message… and the file 3d printed “ok”. So i was wondering if there is something more i don’t know? - Kyle

Hi Kyle - can you post your file or send to Are you exporting mesh objects or meshing surface/polysurface objects ‘on the way out’ so to speak?


sent you an email - Thank you for looking at this. - Kyle

Hi Kyle,

I responded in the tech email. There were overlapping edges in the model creating non-manifold mesh edges.

Thank you for your help!