Mesh loop to shingles?


Thanks for dropping by! I am working on a sculpture and the definition/geometry I am about to share is specifically just the top aluminum panels. I have a fairly straightforward objective but I’m unable to make it work with my mesh. To give a bit of context I reconstructed my mesh quads, planarized and sorted them into mesh loops via directionals.

What I want to do:
Create a shingles effect where each loop is extruded up about 1/16" (aluminum thickness) and offset over the loop below. Like shingles, I’m giving the planarized panels from my scrip material thickness and then overlapping them.

How I think it should be done:
Get perimeter edges for each edge loop. Move these loops along the mesh normals (material thickness). Take the bottom edges of the loops (the ones used to overlap the bottom loops) and move forward/down towards the center of the chute.

How do I do this? I’m not sure. I tried welding all the loops together into one enclosed mesh then taking the mesh perimeter edges and tired to move them up along normals but it wasn’t being clean. I also tried the face normals component and used the mesh itself, but I could only move the normals/centers not actually extruding the mesh. I also tried a solution from this Roof Shingles forum but making the panel separately first before even scripting your definition didn’t make sense to me… at that point I would just extrude and offset my NURBs in rhino. I need this to be parametric (material thickness and overlap) for my fabrication stage later on.

Top Panels (943.9 KB)