Mesh import / See the body clean without border lines or mesh-grid

Hi there

I’m new to Rhino. I tried to import an STL-mesh. It also works great. Now I always have this view that I see the mesh it selve. I’m used other CAD programs where I can switch on with shaded border lines and shaded without border lines. I also don’t want to see the edges of the body or in this case the mesh-grid. How do you do that in Rhino?

If you put the viewport it in Rendered mode, by default you shouldn’t see mesh wires or edges - is that what you want? Otherwise, if you have a image of a mesh object in another CAD program that you like how it displays, post it here and someone might be able to help you set up a Rhino display mode that approximates it.

…That is what I have

That is what i want.

Is that what you mean?

I took this pictures from Solidworks.

Standard Rendered mode from the Viewport menu should do pretty much that with meshes. Make sure “Show mesh wires” is turned off (it is by default), you can edit the display mode and put in the kind of background you want. If you apply a material to the object(s) you can change the color if you want.

Thank you now it worke!