Mesh import materials

Hi Nathan!

Thanks for the trial. It took me a while to instal new R20 version. I am having a project and i need to import many meshes into Revit. Since the imported geometry via insert cad (3d meshes) results in visible wires, that Autodesk refuses to handle, I was curious to try out Conveyor.
Now I am stuck with not being able to edit materials of imported meshes via Conveyor. Would there be a soulution for this workflow in future, or we should wait for Autodesk and even start to prey they, will deliver solution?
I know that you aim with this tool higher, but this thing would be usefull.

I have tryed to convert meshes to nurbs, bud also wasnt able to get satisfying results.

Hi @Jan,
Materials on meshes are a known limitation here - however, there are some workaround we have found to be effective for documentation if your aim is to get a material representation in sections, plans, etc. You can apply object styles and visibility graphic overrides to these objects to the mesh. If your mesh is a clean, solid mesh, cutting with graphics/hatches works quite well in Revit. We worked on several projects where this was a very useful solution for highly complex shapes.

Here is one showing a poche fill on a cut mesh…

Here is another showing material hatching on a series of cut meshes:

I wouldn’t hold your breath for meshes to become a priority in Revit out-of-the-box, if I’m being honest.