Hidden Edge Meshes?

Hello is it possible to get “hidden edge” or “invisible edges” mesh from Rhino to Revit using Rhino Inside? Conveyor seems to be doing this and even brings it in as a family. Also, I usually do this manually by taking the mesh to 3dsMax > Making the Mesh edges invisible > Saving to DXF 2004 > then to Revit which is a VERY tedious task and would be really great if we can automate this and make it seamless using Rhino Inside Revit.


Hi @arek.keshishian,
We are using some rather novel mesh processing techniques to get this to happen. You are welcome to try it in Conveyor - we have a trial available and the workflow works in Rhino 6.

The documentation on the process is here.

I recently published this “stress test” example, too

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Yes. It’s obviously fantastic! Stress test on Michael’s Pf looks super awesome as well. I just wished we could do it using Rhino.Inside.Revit or at least put it up as a request since I already have bought the product and it’s made for these kind of tasks. Anyways, it’s awesome to know that there’s a way and as always, great work!

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