Window holes not showing while import using Conveyor

Hi all. I am trying Conveyor plugin on evaluation and i came across an visual issue.
When I am using conveyor to bring a revit wall only, all the window wall are getting filled up with surfaces. I was expecting the windows areas in revit would show as holes in Rhino after import using conveyor panel. Is this normal?

I can faintly see the window outlines, are they on different layers?

Thanks @Japhy for replying. They are on same layers. The wall has three lyers in revit. When I ungrouped the wall in rhino, i could see only the core is punctured not the other parts.

I tried but noting worked out. It is a bug I guess

How are you importing? Can you post a screenshot?

Nathan checks here periodically if it is a bug.

If i get a chance later this week i’ll install my conveyor and test.

I will post a video if possible but for now let me explain. I opened revit file and started rhino inside from conveyor tab. Then i opened the rhino interfce inside revit. Than i typed convyer4 to get thr panel. Than i selected the wall in revit and clicked import from revit inside convyeor panel. Thats it !

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HI @archinate1. Can you pls help me out here!

Hi @Japhy. Did you try on your end?