Mesh-Geometry Trim| mesh difference| mesh Split

Hello people,

Is there any way in Grasshopper to trim some geometries(buildings) from a mesh (topography) - which actually intersect.
I need to remove the surfaces that intersect. Mesh Split is giving wrong results, and mesh Difference too.

Does any of you faced the same problem?

Is there any Python or C# script that I could use instead?

Id be very thankful if someone could enlighten me :slight_smile: .

This could(?) be a start:

Add options for splitting the terrain as well or working with GeometryBase types and converting the breps (if any) to meshes or checking the average terrain normals (for defining what splitted part is β€œup”) etc etc. (50.6 KB)

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Hi, @PeterFotiadis
I wonder if you have a toolbar for organized grasshopper; it seems to me that it has quite good tools to turn into a complement.

No I don’t since I have more than 50K C# scripts like this organized via a customized RDBMS