Mesh Geometry Split

Hi there people,

I need to cut out the building outline from the mesh, and the mesh split is not giving proper result.
Can someone check the file and enlighten me please?
many thanks in advance,
D (1.6 MB)

A couple of things:

  1. Is advisable to place your meshes “as close” as possible to GlobalOrigin (tol issues and the likes).
  2. Your collection is mixed (Breps, Meshes) and while this is not a critical issue on a per se basis (you can convert a Brep to a Mesh) … however is tricky to get results as “stand alone” objects from the parts that supposedly belong to an individual building.

Using a C# do the job: If blue is a splitted Mesh portion above ground, (and black is the equivalent below ground), yellow is the Mesh that yields no ccx events and red is the Mesh that is partially splitted (thus somehow invalid ) this is what you get:

All in all: I would suggest to fix your objects (buildings) as valid stand alone Meshes first … and then attempt the desired split.

See for instance a case where things (after converting everything into meshes, that does the “little” C# that feeds the main with data) become a bit fuzzy: