Mesh From Poly Surface command, edge length settings having no affect when converting a poly cube into a mesh?

Never had this problem in V4, now I am trying the Mesh From Poly Surface command in V5 and when I want to control the density of the mesh by setting the min. and max edge length to a desired value, for example setting them both to 1mm usually creates a mesh where each face of the created mesh is 1mm by 1mm. For some reason now in V5 this is working BUT NOT FOR A CUBE or rectanguar solid , no mater what the size of the cube the result I get is two sides of the cube get divided into two triangular faces and the other four sides stay as a single quad face. Any one know what is going on here?


Hi Lisa - see if it works better if you ConvertExtrusion first on the cubeā€¦?

More info here:


Thanks Pascal, That worked!

FYI, a bug was filed a while a ago