Mesh from network of curves for Kangaroo hinge

Hi all,

I am trying to create a mesh for origami simulation with a hexagon pattern.
I have my curve pattern ready but I am struggling to make it a mesh.
It is important to keep the faces exactly like the pattern because I am planning of using it as hinge in kangaroo later so I need mountain valley dispatch.

any Idea??

mesh from (16.0 KB)

mesh from (43.7 KB)

Check this solution. Sometimes it’s better to make everything before array/population etc…
There is a clean mesh from Kangaroo and subD by weaverbird used.
You can populate your anchor points the same way as I did for mesh.

The easiest way is probably to create a single repeating unit, along with the curves for mountain/valley folds, then copy it as needed to extend the surface.
This will result in some duplicate curves, which you can remove in Rhino by selecting Duplicate Objects.
You’ll also need to join the mesh into one.
For the pattern you show, it looks like the repeating unit is like this:

Here’s that pattern folding: (43.5 KB)