Curve Folding using hinges

Hello how can I fold these using grasshopper Hinge points and Hinge command in Kangaroo?
The red edges are supposed to be the parts of the surface that are folding, but once I turn into a mesh it becomes so confusing. Can anyone help
thank you :slight_smile: (14.9 KB)

What is the shape you are trying to make? Is it something you’ve already folded in paper?
It’s a very unusual crease pattern with a sharp corner and concave faces like that. Is the idea that each of those faces becomes curved though the creases are straight?

I am trying to achieve something like this. Any form I have to only try the bending of those red edges.

I don’t think there’s any need to simulate anything here, or to use Grasshopper or Kangaroo.
When all the vertices lie on the boundary like this, there’s no need to do anything special with the angles to preserve developability, so you can more simply make a mesh and move the vertices around to get the shape you want.

I’d say create some faces using the _3DFace command in Rhino, then use the Gumball to move the vertices.