Mesh faces generated from Element Mesh Frame refuse to join

I am using Element* Mesh Frame and closed polylines to form hexagonal mesh faces/frames. What is the best way of joining all these faces together into a single mesh? There always seems to be a few naked edges that shouldnt be (see pic)
Specifically, I need other mesh operations like wbThicken or Catmull-Clark to treat them as one mesh (See pic 2). Things I have tried include: Element* Combine+Clean, weaverbirds join and clean, join meshes, as well as baking and joining meshes in rhino. None of these seem to work every time. Is this a tolerance issue? What am I missing?

Could be a tolerance issue. You can use the Align Vertices component (but I think it’s Rhino6 only?), or otherwise you’ll just have to round the vertices yourself.

Thanks! AlignMeshVertices in Rhino seems to do the trick