MeshSplit now keeps and creates mesh ngons

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The _MeshSplit and the _MeshTrim commands in Rhino 7 WIP are now equipped with a new ngon-related feature. This enhancement allows to preserve ngons that get split, and recognizes triangle and quads that were split to re-group them into ngons. This means, we will have a lot more ngons, and _MeshSplit results will be tidier*.

This is also one of the first Rhino features (other than importing meshes and the AddNgonsToMesh) that generally create ngons with holes. It will be useful when working with SubDs, because ngons can be understood as single entities by the SubD engine.

Although this example demonstrates the feature on a planar face, the functionality preserves ngons also if they were not originally planar.

You can test this file yourself,
ngons-splitting.3dm (92.1 KB)

This feature is also available in Grasshopper.

Download Rhino 7.0 WIP …

* Ngons are a feature that adds on top of triangles and quads. This means that triangles will still be present, and grouped under the larger “ngon umbrella”.


Another example: