Mesh complex geometry of building continously with same appearance? General workflow problem!

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from time to time it comes to the general problem that I do not know how to handle Nurb/Brep Geometry. There are two Situations when I have to handle complex Nurb/Brep Geometry, that I have to transform into meshs:
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I need solutions for two situations:

1: Rhino BREP Geometry from ArchiCAD should be transformed into a uniform triangular mesh out of nearly same sized faces for all geometry parts. ( But the geomtry should be transformed in Grasshopper).

Example File for that: (1.1 MB)

2: Grasshopper BREP Geometry from ArchiCAD (Transfered with GH/ArchiCAD LiveConnection should be transformed into a uniform looking triangular mesh out of nearly same sized faces for all geometry parts.

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Can anyone help me please?

See the help file on creating meshes from NURBS objects. TheMesh FAQ will also provide a lot of information.

I don’t think there is such thing as an objective “best quality result” for meshes. It all depends on what you need and you should probably be able to tweak the settings to provide the desired output for most of your objects.

A 3dm file with an example would help to understand what you need.


I changed the original post to make it more clear.
You can find a example file for situation 1. Hopefully you know how to mesh this geometry in grasshopper.

For the First Solution you send me the help file for Rhino Mesh Command, but I have to do the transformation in Grasshopper.
In Grasshopper the mesh settings are quit different to the rhino mesh settings you refered to.


Quite different in order but most of the options are the same

And don’t forget, sometimes if you want for example a length of edge, put to 0 all the others parameters.

Thank you to make that clear! Can you also help me with the example file?

Reading the help could be a good thing !!!

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Thanks a lot for your answer!