Mesh Brep - Quality settings & resolution problems

I am not sure how the mesh brep settings work, and I am having some issues when trying to achieve more control over the resulting mesh.

I have a closed brep (for 3d printing), with some internal passages:

A contour of the brep perpendicular would look like this:

However when converting the brep to mesh, by default this is the result:

Applying quality setting produces good results:


But when I try to have more control over the results, I got poor results:


As I understand max distance and max angle should control the deviation from the original surface, but it is clear from the results that is failing to achieve the required accuracy (1e-4 mm & 5 deg should produce a good matching mesh, at least in my experience with other CAD softwares). I tried to modified other parameters but no improvement in the results.

I can help you but please send your project in order to fix it