V8 development- Call for Mesh trim/split and Mesh boolean fails

Hi all, we are in the process of trying to improve our mesh tools.

Specifically mesh split, mesh trim, and mesh booleans. (union, difference, intersect and split)

we’d like some real work examples to use as test cases.

any files with mesh trim/ split or mesh boolean tools that are failing and can be repeated.

this is only for mesh parts. No nurbs cases at this time please. Files will only be used for internal development and won’t be shared publicly.

please zip the files and post here - Rhino - Upload to Support

Please put “mesh (enter one, split trim, mesh boolean ) ____________ fail test case” and make it attention to kyle@mcneel.com or @theoutside or @piac

thanks in advance with help getting these tools the love they desperately need-