Merging organic surfaces into one surface

I have a canopy that I am using sweep 2 to create- but instead of a surface, I am only returned a polysurface. This happens even when I create the entire geometry with one sweep. i have extracted the surface and there are two surface, yet I am unsure how to merge them as they are trimmed.

I have uploaded my 3dm file. If someone could take a look that would be highly appreciated.


Hi Erik,

I think you forgot to upload the file; or link to it.


This is most likely to happen if there is a kink in one or more of your input curves, Rhino will create a polysurface with seams at the kink point(s). But do post yor curves, someone will look.


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The best thing is to sort out your curves so that they don’t have any kinks.

What you could also do, is to (temporarily) disable splitting surfaces at creases using the CreaseSplitting command. My experience is that sweeps, networks surfaces etc. that give a polysurface when this is on, tend to return a single surface if crease splitting is off.

Thank you for the replies. I sorted the curves and got rid of the kinks, but it still outputs a polysurface. I will attach the 3dm. Thank you in advance for the replies.

I’ve come across situations where a polysurface is created where a surface was expected and usually a rebuild on the inputs curves, even accepting a tiny deviation in the rebuild, will give the desired single surface result.

Thank you Brian, I will try that now. That makes sense.