Issue with Merge All Faces

I found an issue with Merge All Faces in version 5A857.

When I do Solid > Solid Edit Tools > Faces > Merge All Faces on an object, artifacts are introduced that should not be there. Please see the video in which I illustrate this.

Merge All (11.8 MB)

When I use Merge Face instead this does not happen. And when I reinstalled version 5A855 this does not happen.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

Thanks for the video… I suspect it’s an issue with a trimmed edge on the bottom surface that we aren’t seeing. Can you post the part or private message me the file here to take a look? I bet ExtractSrf to extract all the surfaces on the bottom in order to delete them followed by Cap would prevent this from happening. That it wasn’t happening in the previous RC is the part I’d like to check on if I can see the model.

This did indeed work, but I did not do it before the boolean union. I did it after it happened, i.e. after Merge All Faces.

That still does not explain why this happens in the current version 5A857 and not in the previous version 5A855. I still wonder what would have caused this now, when it did not happen with any of the other 6 models that are also in the file (several are visible in the video at 0:30), which I made several weeks ago with a previous version.

I have uploaded the model in question in a new file. The state of the model is before the boolean union, since “Browse All Versions …” would not work.

Merge All Faces.3dm (340.6 KB)

5A855 produces the same issue here as does Windows Rhino 5 SR11. I’ll file this as a bug now, thanks for the report.

This makes it more confusing to me, since it does not do it in 5A855 on my machine. I now wonder if the version of the OS I am using might have something to do with this. I am using 10.10.2.

Because I am still so much of a relative novice using Rhino, my first thought is always that I am doing something wrong. So it makes me happy that I reported what turned out to be a bug. I will continue posting questions when I think it is me doing something wrong.

Strange, I don’t know why that would affect it but I used 10.10.3 The steps were BooleanUnion and then MergeAllFaces. Here’s the bug for future reference

It’s always helpful to hear what is confusing or doesn’t work as expected. Please just assume it’s our fault first.