Merge two platform-specific packages into a universal one

My plugin (Pancake) used to have separate YAK packages for Windows and macos, due to some limitations about WinForm. Recently I ported everything onto Eto and there would be one universal YAK package again.

I wonder the next step. Can I just remove the old two packages from YAK server and upload the new universal package, or select one package as “main package” and remove platform-specific information from it?

The objective is all existing Win/Mac users using the old version can update to the new, universal version smoothly.

You can yank old packages, they will still be available but not showing in Package Manager

Typically you would leave the old packages alone and publish a new yak package with a higher version number than your old packages. This will show that an update is available in Rhino’s package manager.

You don’t do this for the typical case up providing updated packages.

@stevebaer do you mean that once someone has installed a package and you yank that version that this person cannot install an update smoothly?

No, the update should still be smooth.

Yank is intended as a last resort for marking a specific version of a package as no longer available in Rhino’s package manager. For example if you publish a package and find out an hour after publishing that it crashes on everyone else’s computer, then making that package no longer available would probably be a good thing.

Yank is version specific, other versions of your package will still be available on the package manager.

Okay clear. I used it to remove expired versions so I guess that is another use case.