Merge surfaces together into single one?

I do need to merge all the faces together into a single one and everything that I tried in this regards seems to not work properly. I already tried the Merge Faces and all sorts of merging and boolean operations and none of them seems to work. After that I do need to separate the exterior and interior contours into separate lists. (96.3 KB)

If I bake the result and run the command ShowDir in Rhino, this is what I get:

I think that this surfaces don’t merge together because they do have different orientations?

The way you culled the faces results in duplicates once they are projected onto the XY plane.

A better way is to use the dot product which is 1 for parallel vectors.

And then use the Merge Faces component. (99.1 KB)

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Thank you very much. It is working as expected.

Please can you help-me with the other issue that I do have?

Extend surfaces that are touching the exterior/interior contours

Another day, another issue. I run this definition to extract the contour from some pieces I needed to mechanize today and I realized that this method don’t work with pieces that have fillets or chamfers.

It is a way to just “squash” or project all the surfaces into a single one and extract the overall contour of the shape? I tried also with Make2D but for pieces that have pockets that are touching the exterior contour it is joining the exterior contour with the pockets resulting into an unusable contour.

Door_with_Chamfer.3dm (213.8 KB)

If I am using the Project component to a plane I can’t find a way to merge all the faces together and extract the Outside/Inside contours of the pieces.