Merge Lists without combining it paths

Hi, I have 3 lists with the same path structure, I want to merge them without mixing the items in each path.
That means that the path will change it’s number branch so that they have a consecutive number order. For example:

If I merge to lists that have the same path: {0} and {0}
The result would be: {0} and {1}

In the picture you can see that the items in each same path mix together.


Maybe an entwine(graft) followed by a path mapper {A;B} -> {B;A} followed by {A;B}->{path_index}

This ensures that your {0} in branch 1 is followed by {0} in the second branch and so forth.


Thanks, I tried it but while the entwine merge each list by separate, it also flattens them.
Anyhow, I manage to came out with a solution, first I “group” the items of each branch, then I merge them, flatten, graft, and finally I ungroup them.


If you right click the entwine, you can choose not to flatten.

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I see, now it works, thanks!

Thanks Joseph, Christopher answer end up working but yours isn’t that different also.

The main difference is that Joseph’s answer will put one list after the other, while mine is specific in that it will put the {0} in order, then {1}, then {2}.
So you will need to determine which one suites the application the most.


Good to know, thanks