List sorting/merging & Path Mapper

Parametric Pattern 04.05.2021 (36.3 KB)

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone help me merging these 4 lists to one list by taking only index 0 from first list, index 1 from second list, index 2 from 3rd list and index 3 from 4rth list:



I thought, if I would do it with pathmapper and simply merge it afterwards, it would work, but it creates f.e. index 0 and 1 if i assign a list the index 2. (I want to keep the tree structure and index numbers and also the null items)

Thanks a lot in advance!


I never EVER use Path Mapper for anything, in part because it’s complex and in part because it makes the model fragile, easily broken if/when the data trees change, as they often do.

Furthermore, this is asking for a pattern in text panels instead of describing the intent of the model, which often leads astray…

Using your description verbatim, I get this using List Item?

Parametric (29.7 KB)

Hi @Joseph_Oster thanks for your reply. :slight_smile: However this is not yet exactly what I’ve been trying to do. Yes I know about that the pathmapper is not allowing for such a parametric modeling approach. In this case I use it not only to assign the index number, but also to flip the matrix in the right way. Also, I want to keep the indices even if they contain a null item. (So each path should always contain the indices [0] [1] [2] [3]) This is what makes it bit difficult for me. It would be nice if you could have another look at it.

No, the objective isn’t clear to me.

Instead of asking people to follow you into the weeds, how about starting with your surface(s) and explain what you want to do? Following the lead of beginners who are lost is often a futile exercise.

Some simple things one can do without Path Mapper:

Parametric (34.5 KB)

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Thanks Joseph! :slight_smile: Yes that would be another idea how to solve this problem! You’re right the path mapper wouldn’t be necessary in this case. And the solution was really simple in the end. I just used list item after path mapper and merged it again. Can’t believe it took me so much time to solve it!

I still have no idea what the problem actually was? And it sounds like you still used path mapper? :man_facepalming: