How can I add the same items into different tree paths?

Hello everyone,

I have a tree with two paths {0;0}, and {0;1} (in reality there will be much more paths), and with points of gourp p1 and p2 (they are merged to create the tree), respectively. Now I want to add point group p3 into both paths, and tried all kinds of methods (merge, entwine…) but failed. Please help me on this issue. Pay attention, the process must be after the merge of p1 and p2, that means, the process should be on the current tree.

Thanks in advance! (2.7 KB)

Not sure but, maybe Entwine+Flip Matrix is what you are looking for?


just a note, by using Merge on grafted input lists you will get this grouping:

which puts all the first elements of P1 and P2 on a first branch, all the second element of P1 and P2 on a second branch, and so on…

Entwine will just create a tree where P1 and P2 are still the very same lists, but in two different branches of a new data tree:

at this point, if you want to add the whole entire P3 list to each and both the branches created earlier (whatever method suited your need) you can use Insert Item: (11.9 KB)


Thank you so much for your reply, @HS_Kim!
What I want is to add the point groups p3 to each of the groups p1 and p2. Thus the result should be two paths still.
However, the use of flip matrix provides me new ideas.
Have a nice weekend!

Thank you so much, @inno!
That’s what I want.
Have a nice weekend!