Entwine or merge or other.... for list item

hey guys

I would like to “merge” or entwine 2 or more lis of number to be able to create many different curve with only one curve tool…may someone can help me ?
because I absolutely don’t know how to merge, change path or whatever to be able to select many times in the same entry list…

note sure that waht I explain is really clear… but if you don’t understand what I mean please ask !


I just wanyt to do the 2 (or more) interpolate curve with only one interpolate curve tool

ENTWIN.gh (319.9 KB)

thanks !

Hey !
Something like this?
Simply connect both selection into entwine (Right click and deselect “flatten input”). It will add a level of branching :slight_smile:

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can’t believe it was so easy…
I’ve been so dumb… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

many thanks !!!

You were actually really close ! :slight_smile:
You’re welcome, good luck for the rest !