Mep Autocad drawing to rhino and revit

Hello . I attempted to take the text in an auto cad file and use it to create the sprinkler pipes in grasshopper.This worked but is not perfect because of the manual nature of the file and I am also not perfect. Does anyone have insight into this?
thank you. floor D.3dm (1.5 MB) floor (16.5 KB)


I looked at your file but i didn’t get any clarity what exactly your problem was. So could you elaborate it more by adding some screenshots.

So far I find these things as problems.

Connection issue at bend

Issue at joins

Pipe radius issue.


The issue is that I can not think of a way to select the right measurement to the right line. I used the closest point from the number to the line. Maybe the Center is better. Maybe aggregate the same numbers on the same axis. Thanks.

I am not sure if this is of interest in this case, but RhinoPiping is also a product:

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This looks great but it is not the point here. The question is if there are dimensions next to the lines done manually by a human subjectivity, how can an algorithm define which dimension is assigned to which line?

I see. Trying to associate the dimension with the line after they have been created is possible, but difficult. I might some other strategies first.

Can the lines that exist just be dimensioned? Is there a reason you need the existing dimensions?

If you do need to associate the existing dimensions with a line, then the best way os to collect up all the lines and collect all the dimensions. Then using the endpoints of the dimensions use closest point test to all the lines. The point that is on or very very close to a line will the the dimension that needs to be associated with that line.

Once a line and dimension are associated, what would you want to do next? Make a new associated Grasshopper dimension?

Is the model at the proper scale? The Tools > Options > units read that the model is in meters. Is that correct?