Memory issues in v7 wip

There’s some kind of memory usage issue in this build:
Work In Progress
(7.0.19302.12525, 10/29/2019)

Still trouble shooting, but it seemed to begin when I started running curvature analysis on surfaces, some converted from subd. Not sure yet.
RAM shot up and maxed out. Nothing I did in Rhino made it drop again. Closed the file and Ram dropped back, reopened file all is fine. Will keep testing.

Happened the other night as well and it crashed my system.

edit 11/9: yah pretty sure its related to curvature analysis. When I copy paste the nurbs into v6 and run the same analysis there is no memory spike and no crashing. Anyone else experiencing this?

edit later in the day: camera rotations back and forth during a zebra analysis of a somewhat dense mesh and got a memory crash again.rhino%20memisues

edit 11/10: Just had the memory crash error again while rotating the camera around during zebra analysis of a simple nurbs surface (split sphere with a blendsrf). This time there was no big spike in ram usage before or at time of crash.


I’m trying it, thanks for the report. Can you post the results from SystemInfo in Rhino?


Will do on soon on next testing.