Memory spike and large textures in Rhino 7

I recently upgraded to V7 and i’m getting memory leaks when I start playing with the materials tab. It’s a 370mb file, and the memory usage normally sits around 1GB. Usually when I click on the materials tab (or the dropdown menu) on any object, it first takes a very long time to load the list and then the memory usage ramps up to 100% (I have 32GB) and crashes my PC. The same file in V6 doesn’t produce this issue.

Same file opened in V6 and V7

Memory leak on V7

V7 file
The same file has been saved as V6 and doesn’t reproduce the same issue in V6

DxDiag.txt (98.4 KB)

Downloading the file to see why memory consumption skyrockets. The thumbnails are generated by my work.

@brglez.primoz what render engine are you using?

Also, the results from the Rhino command _SystemInfo copied here would be useful.

I don’t have all the textures you are referring to in your file, but opening the 3dm doesn’t crash my machine.

I had V-Ray 5 Trial installed, but I removed it hoping it would resolve the issue. I used come standard V-Ray materials that give the missing texture message.

I’m mainly using Twinmotion though. The materials are only there as placeholders.

Simply opening the file didn’t cause the memory spike. It happens only when I start doing anything with the materials. Just clicking on the materials tab is sometimes enough to cause the spike. Other times it happens when I click on the materials dropdown menu or try creating a custom material.

SysInfo.txt (2.8 KB)

I’ve sent you a private message on our Discourse.

The memory usage is due to use of 6000x8000 image texture. This leads to 2.8GB RAM consumption, for instance when rendering thumbnail of the material.

If this happens then you can, once the thumbnails are done, run the non-completing command RhinoCycles_ClearTextureMemory.

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No matter what you do some well-meaning user finds a way to bust it! :grinning:
Is this something you can catch and deal with politely?

The best part is that there was actually a 25kx25k texture in the file too, meaning 37GB RAM usage.

Anyway, I’ve logged for consideration.

The 25k x 25k texture worked OK for the most part in Rhino 6. There were occasional lags and I thought I had it replaced with a 6k x 6k texture, but for some reason Rhino 6 didn’t show any content when running _Textures and I thought it was gone, because the lags were also gone when I replaced the material containing the large texture.

Anyway, if anyone is experiencing similar issues switching from V6 to V7, a large texture might be the reason…