Finding the central curve on polysurface and orient surface

Hello Guys

Please tell me how you can build a central line between closed curves and project it onto the surface. The lines lie on the development of this surface.

maybe this will help you for finding the central line

You can try this way:
1- Create a surface from the curves, apply black material and print it as image.

2- Use the result image with the script of @laurent_delrieu to create medial axis (10.4 KB)

Here a version of the “thinning” script that doesn’t need an image. It is quite fast due to the fact that I use mesh intersection to know if points are inside or outside curves.
The input of the thinning algorithm is a list of boolean (equivalent to black and white). You need to put the number of pixels in X. The number of pixel in Y is calculated using the size ratio.

This gives that on the plane

I use Map To Surface from Parakeet (2.0 MB)

But as you certainly use Voronoi to draw the initial shapes why not using Voronoi cells :question: :thinking:


Thank you more than what you need !!!
Rays of gratitude!!
I just always thought how to return such a surface to the form after processing on a plane