Extract Curves from Raster Image

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I’m finally getting into teaching myself Grasshopper and one significant task I want to figure out is how to extract a curve from a Raster file. I see there are tools like Vectorize and I believe Rooster used to be available but now isn’t. These tools produce an outline of the pixels produced by line width.

Are there any GH Nodes that are able to approximate the centre of a raster line and draw a curve like the in-built sketch tool in Rhino? My goal is to be able to take hand-drawn contours and turn them into curves.

Vectorizing a raster image is a complex coding exercise. Some people in this forum created sort of tools to achieve this.

There is definitely no image trace component comes with GH right of the box. But you can make one if you are interested in getting into coding.

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If there’s nothing already existing I’ll put this on the to-do list once I’m comfortable with the existing tools I need to solve my problems. I could see it theoretically being possible, eg take the two traced edges and tween between them, however, I’m only halfway through the Rhino.Inside guide so I’ll finish that first.

Thank you for responding.

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I found some earlier discussions on this topic. Looks like I didn’t search hard enough earlier.

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Some good raster image to vector outlines ideas here:

Create a “Paint by Numbers” script - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum