Mechanical assembly design in Rhinoceros/Grasshopper

Is there way I can design here like in Solidworks and other mechanical CADs?

I’m a big Grasshopper fan.

Any materials and recommendations are extremely welcome!

MCAD apps provide kinematics, solid modeling, feature driven modelling, assembly/component methods, mixed Views, multiple Clips and a zillion other things critical for MCAD type of stuff (not to mention Advisors (mill routing, mold, sheet metal … blah, blah) and THE biggest thing of them all: PLM).

None is available in Rhino (a surface modeller in fact).

If you are serious about MCAD things … do the right thing.

For instance assume that you want to do an entry level real-life MCAD assembly like this one. By what means can you do it in R/GH? Not in a million years.

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Not sure about that last sentence though. Million years seems just about right.

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Kangaroo gives some assembly capabilities in Grasshopper.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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Yes, for the movement of linkages it can be done with Kangaroo, and I’m happy to provide more examples if there’s a specific challenge. The way things have to be set up is probably quite different to what you would be used to in other software.

I do agree with @PeterFotiadis though that if you want to do all the stuff that is possible “like in Solidworks”, then trying to do it all with Rhino/Grasshopper would be extremely difficult.

If it is just some subset you are interested in (such as taking rigid parts connected by hinges/joints, and seeing how they can move), then it might be more doable.


you could definitely set up a model like that in grasshopper, but you’d have to define everything manually. You’re right it’s “not in a million years” because it’s more like 2-4 weeks. You’d have to use other software for analysis so it wouldn’t be worth it.

Wow! here man design an excavator in Rhino
He says that Rhino tutorial is all you need.
Do you think all his design process could be done in Rhino?
What features does he use? layers, … what else?