Mechanical assembly design in Rhinoceros/Grasshopper

Is there way I can design here like in Solidworks and other mechanical CADs?

I’m a big Grasshopper fan.

Any materials and recommendations are extremely welcome!

MCAD apps provide kinematics, solid modeling, feature driven modelling, assembly/component methods, mixed Views, multiple Clips and a zillion other things critical for MCAD type of stuff (not to mention Advisors (mill routing, mold, sheet metal … blah, blah) and THE biggest thing of them all: PLM).

None is available in Rhino (a surface modeller in fact).

If you are serious about MCAD things … do the right thing.

For instance assume that you want to do an entry level real-life MCAD assembly like this one. By what means can you do it in R/GH? Not in a million years.

Not sure about that last sentence though. Million years seems just about right.

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Kangaroo gives some assembly capabilities in Grasshopper.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Yes, for the movement of linkages it can be done with Kangaroo, and I’m happy to provide more examples if there’s a specific challenge. The way things have to be set up is probably quite different to what you would be used to in other software.

I do agree with @PeterFotiadis though that if you want to do all the stuff that is possible “like in Solidworks”, then trying to do it all with Rhino/Grasshopper would be extremely difficult.

If it is just some subset you are interested in (such as taking rigid parts connected by hinges/joints, and seeing how they can move), then it might be more doable.

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you could definitely set up a model like that in grasshopper, but you’d have to define everything manually. You’re right it’s “not in a million years” because it’s more like 2-4 weeks. You’d have to use other software for analysis so it wouldn’t be worth it.