Mechanical actuator assembly in Kangaroo

Hi everyone,
I am trying to make a simple mechanical assembly in Kangaroo(first steps) that rotates a table(the HSS) with help of an actuator:

  1. is the actuator movement
  2. is the rotation axis

I tried it with the following set up:

I dont know how to connect the actuator with its arm to give it the correct movement vector and freedom.

Thanks for everyone looking at this! (405.0 KB)

I added a collinear goal for the actuator and the piston.

You can use the grab component to move parts in the Rhino viewport. (428.4 KB)

I’ll try to get your initial solution going …


In this definition, you can set the length of the actuator. (420.4 KB)


Thanks a lot @martinsiegrist!

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