Rotate hinge as part of Kangaroo solution

Hi People more Kangaroo savy than I :slight_smile:
I have this standard cabinet hinge hooked up in Kangaroo and if I drag the parts, they do exactly as they should. I’ve been trying to find a way to rotate the part inside the yellow markings to a specific angle around the red axis, but can’t get the whole Kangaroo solution to follow suit. I simply don’t know how rotate the part “numerically” after making it a rigid body.
I’m still very much a novice in GH and Kangaroo, so it might be something fairly simple, but I can’t find an example to follow/copy/steal from :upside_down_face:
TIA, Jakob
Edit: This is obviously only half the hinge for the visualisation’s sake.

funirture door hinge GH (2.9 MB)

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Have you come across this example Jakob:

Basically you set up a rotating point as an anchor. I could have a go at adapting your definition, but this might be enough for you to be able to do it.

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Perfect @johnharding! I’ll have a go at it! Thanks a lot!

It worked perfectly, @johnharding! Thanks for the pointer :slight_smile: