Getting the bending ROD goal right

Hi there,

I’m trying TO use kangaroo to create a skeletal frame that I can then manipulate with the grab components and potentially other forces. The frame consists of ribs stacked vertically that should remain their original shape (currently using rigid point set goal) connected by columns that bend to stay connected to the ribs as the grab component is used to make slight adjustments to the location of the ribs (currently using rod component). Although I’ve had some success with the initial kangaroo setup, the model right now responds too much locally to movements of the ribs. I was hoping for more global adjustments, so that moving one rib causes the columns to bend which then pull the other ribs into new positions.

If anyone with more knowledge and kangaroo intuition is able to give some advice, I’d greatly appreciate it. Attached are the grasshopper file and photos of a real world sketch model that was my starting point to give you an idea of what I’m ultimately trying to design. Thanks in advance! Funny (42.5 KB)