Measuring area

I work mostly in mm, usually on things no bigger than a house.
So, if I am, for example, dimensioning a house plan, and in particular looking to find the area of a room, I don’t want the result to be in my default mm, but in meters.
Lets say the “room” is 3000 x 6000mm.

Analyse / mass properties / area: gives me the option to choose the units, returns the result to the command line. So, choosing meters, the result is 18sqm.

Dimarea: gives me the option to choose the dimension style, but returns the result in the model units ie in my case in mm ie 18000000 for this example.

This is an unwieldy number, so no problem, I’ll change that in overrides for that dimension, but alas, there is no override for leaders that will allow this.

In fact, there is no option for selecting way the leader returns the measurement – it’s the way its defined in the style, or nothing…

This is the same in V5 & V6 – I’d like to see it change…


Hi Rabbit - DimArea (and DimCurveLength)is a bit of a fake dimension, done with text fields. In V7 you do get to change units, but at the moment it looks like the UI is a little awkward.