Measurement between two surfaces and curve from surface

Hi guys.

How can i do Measurement between two surfaces and curve from surface? i need only min lenght between 2 objects and max lenght … its all :smiley: easy.

Very thank you.

I have a minimum distance script for two surface/brep objects if it helps… Nothing currently for curve<>brep, but the Rhino command ClosestPt can do this with the “object” option. (3.7 KB)

Note what you show as max distance is not really the maximum distance.

I would think it would be more like this:

or this:

For the curve/surface what you appear to be looking for is the maximum value of the closest point to the surface sampled along the curve (you would need a pretty fine sampling). Otherwise, you can use Pull to pull the curve normal to the surface and then perhaps create a surface between the original curve and the pulled curve - then find the widest and narrowest points on that.

For surface<>surface you would need to sample one surface in U and V and do the same as above with the sample points. You could perhaps set this up in Grasshopper and be able to adjust the sampling.

The Rhino command PointDeviation can get you some visual idea plus numerical info under Statistics


Here’s a thing that might work -

DrawCurveDeviation.rhp (48 KB)

It was OK the last time I used it - Unblock it in Windows and then drag and drop onto Rhino - it has two commands


Each command is a toggle - so they only do one pair at a time.



you are heeeero! veeery thank you

Can it be made to work with grouped objects, too? I noticed that if I have two or more objects in the same group, they are not pickable while running this great script. :slight_smile:

@pascal , it’s a crime that the “Draw curve deviation” tool is not a native tool in Rhino! It’s even History-enabled. The only missing thing is to make it work with a surface which i joined to a polysurface.

PS: I noticed that it will not work if the target curve or surface is far away from the base curve. For example, the deviation is not displayed beyond 215 mm for those objects. In the 2nd image I moved the curve 1 mm away: