Maximum distance between two surfaces

I found conversation about minimum distance between two surfaces.
Is there in Rhino some command to find maximum perpendicular distance between two surfaces?
It would be nice to know the location also.
Green curve in attachment file is just guess/example where it might be.

Thanks: Henrimaximum distance.3dm (100.4 KB)

Hi Henri - I dredged up an old script that I made for this - you can give it a try - it marks the max deviation location. Note the script uses the surface anlaysis meshes, so it helps a lot, in terms of accuracy, to run a surface anlaysis command like CurvatureAnalysis on the surfaces first and set the analysis mesh (Adjust Mesh button in the control) to be very fine/accurate. The easy way to do this is to set the “Maximum initial grid quads” in the detailed controls to something large, like 5 000 - 10 000. Close that then run this tool…

SurfaceDeviation (3).zip (3.7 KB)
To install, unzip the rvb file from the archive to some place that makes sense to store it, and then drag and drop the rvb onto an open Rhino. This will add the alias


which can be used like a normal Rhino command.

Note the script uses analysis meshes to do its thing, so you’ll want to run something like CurvatureAnlaysis once in your file and adjust the mesh to be pretty fine - that will establish the analysis mesh settings for the currrent file and the script will have more to work with.





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Thank you Pascal!
Sounds great, I’ll try it next week!


Works great, exactly what I needed :smile: Thanks Pascal!

OK, good deal!


How do I bake this onto something so it remains static? I’d like to have a more permanent version of the graphical analysis.

Hello- see if ExtractAnalysisMesh does anything good.


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I’ll definitely try that out. Seems like I’d forgotten about that tool.

I’m having trouble atm with the mesh that wont process on, and won’t split more than one way. hof.

still tryna get around this err

i can’t get this thing to work … fml image

PointDeviation command will give you the distance, but it will not give you exact location - only a bunch of colorful lines. It takes about one minute to find the longest line.

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What I need is a ‘gradient’ style extracted analysis mesh that indicates ‘deviation from original shape’.

I have a die that I built 14 years ago, and I reverse engineered it last year, kinda for fun, but now I’m trying to display a gradient map in Rhino3d, showing the change over time from orignal machined geometry.

I got the mesh split using V7.

Now, imma see if I can create an analysis mesh I’ve been after these last few days.


keep getting err’s even in V7

maybe something sub-D related will be inevitable.

CloudCompare may be useful.

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If you want pretty colors of the surface, you can make a solid from the two surfaces (old die and new die) and then use ThicknessAnalysis command on the solid.

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i was heading in a similar direction, but haven’t finalized it yet. it’s basically my last resort atm.

very interesting :thinking:
I really want it inside Rhino though…