Distance between faces

Hi everybody,

Is there a tool to measure the distance (max. and min.) between faces?

Now I’m extracting isocurves estimating the best placement and then I calculate the deviation between those curves… Not a precise way in many cases and also a time waster, so the isocurve placement may not be reached at the first try.

Thank you!

Hi Jordi - a script can help with the minimum clearance, I do not have anything for max on hand

You select one object, then the one to check against it, and then pick that object somewhere in the general vicinity of the closest point. Save then drag and drop the rvb script onto an open Rhino window to load the script, and it will load every time you start. It adds the alias


that will run the script, much like a command.

Any luck? Is that at all useful for what you need?


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Hi Pascal,

100% luck. That’s just what I was missing.
Now running and making my life easier :sunglasses:
Maybe it’s time to design an icon and add it to my dimensions toolbar.
I’ll share it when it’s done!

Thank you