Measuring the distance on a mesh

Hello, I am looking to measure the entire surface of an object and calculate the distance measurement. I wanted to know if there is a tool or command on rhino that could help me with this task. Also when i use the “_Distance” command to do a linear distance, i am noticing its not measuring on the mesh. It asks me to create two points and measures their distances without placing the points on the Mesh.

It might be possible to us the “Contour points” Tool to address the “surface distance” issue, but that tool seem to make several slices through the Mesh. But i don’t know how to tell Rhino which point cloud to measure from. Below are some illustrations of the type of points I’m trying to develop to measure a “surface distance” (but am looking for something more automated):

Below is an image of an example of two points I might want to measure _Distance from:

Select EdgeLoop between these point’s and use command _Length