Measure command

Hi, pretty sure I’ve brought this up before, but it would be very useful when using the Measure option of the Divide command, if the required number of points could be specified. Often I’ll need one point a given distance along a curve and the process is always: do the measure command, copy the one point from the many created, undo, then paste the needed point.


Hi Eric - Off hand I’d be tempted, instead of having a number of points option in Divide (Length is the option you meant, correct?) to add a Points optiion to SubCrv, which already allows measurement. The idea is it could simply mark the sub curve end points, rather than actually shorten the curve. Would that work for you? A workaround for now is to use SubCrv with Copy=Yes - this results in a curve of the length you want sitting on top of the original and you can find the End of that…

(In Divide I cannot imagine you’d want some other number than one or all possible very often, which is why a number setting seems like overkill to me… but I might not be very imaginative)


Hi Pascal, I think that would handle 95% of cases. Like you say, it is very rare more than one point is needed.

The SubCrv workaround is a good one too.


for me at least, that’d be sweet