Point on curve at distance from end

Feature desired: Ability to place a point on a curve at a set distance from another point on the curve, Currently this can be one by creating a sub-curve of desired length using SubCrv with Copy=Yes and then creating a point at the end of the sub-curve.

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Hi David - you can use the Mode=MarkEnds in SubCrv for this. Note also you can use the Length command to go get the length of one or more other curves (total length) and apply it to the SubCrv rather than typing in a number. (Radius also works).


Thanks for the reply. I missed the Mode=MarkEnds in SubCrv. Perhaps a mode would could be added which marks the ends but does not create a curve.

That’s it!



Would using the Knot osnap be handy for grabbing the “end” of the sub curve?

End OSnap works fine for grabbing the end of the sub-curve.